Crude #2 Review

May 15, 2018

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Crude #2
Image Comics

Written By: Steve Orlando
Art By: Garry Brown
Colors By: Lee Loughridge
Letters By: Thomas Mauer
Release Date: May 16, 2018

The new issue of Crude continues building up the dark world that Piotr inhabits. Right now we’re seeing him take further steps as he looks into how his son had ended up dead. Even though this idea of a revenge story can seem very basic, what I’m enjoying the most is how you feel how much Piotr regrets not being more involved in his son’s life. He recalls their last conversation on how he really doesn’t know his son well at all. Even though it is too late for that, he definitely loved his son and that’s why he’s gone out to be sure to take down anyone that was involved with his death. When we finally get to step into the land of Blackstone, we see that it’s a murky, dark, gritty, and disgusting place.

And when you thought there couldn’t be any more problems here, it turns out things are even worst as a turf war is going on. Even though one side seems to be more right-minded in wanting to fight for the people, their motives are just as bad as it seems all either side wants after gaining control is of course money and power. Piotr even gets himself involved in a small fight with members of one of the gangs and it’s quite an enjoyable beat down that he gives. He may be old, but he’s not stupid when using his methods on going into a fight where he’s outnumbered. This was our only bit of action that we get in the issue but the rest does a fine job on giving us some small layers of how things seem to work in this city’s society. Everywhere seems all crooked as Piotr searches for answers.

I’ve mentioned in past reviews how important it is to get the right art team for your books. I believe the team here does a great job of conveying the dark tone and depressing world this book is set in. Even though things off of a glance can look messy, or jaggy, or even just rough. This all seems to be well intended to give off the right vibe as you turn the pages. At every turn in this city something can go wrong and even Piotr needs to be careful or he may get himself killed. Even with this darker tone, the book still feels fun to read as the team here do a great job setting up the world and continue to give us the drive to see Piotr commit to his goals.

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