Curse Words Vol. 3 The Hole Damn World Review

Jul 29, 2018


Curse Words Vol 3: The Hole Damn World
Words by: Charles Soule
Art by: Ryan Brown
Letters By: Chris Crank
Publisher: Image

Lying, cheating, violence, revenge, and many more actions cannot explain what Curse Words Vol 3 has to offer. Volume 3 continues after Ruby Stitch comes to earth from the Hole World and loses her power. We can start seeing an evolution of Wizard in this volume.

This story arch shows how deep the chaos is in the Hole World with Wizord, Margaret and Ruby being away from Sizzajee. Sizzajee is desperate to do anything to regain control of his empire as he keeps losing valuable wizards to both Wizord and now Tiger.

The Art by Ryan Brown blends amazingly well when jumping from both worlds. In the Hole World, his style is very chaotic and disorderly but when he does the earth it’s crisp and clean. This style switch is one of the biggest selling points of the series and especially in this volume.

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Charles Soule’s writing complements the intricate details that Ryan has to include in each world and most of the panels. Soule gives depth to the characters that are affected by Wizord’s actions since he came to Earth. This can be seen in Jacques and what he would do to find his lost children in the Hole World.

The big take away from volume 3 is how important Margaret is to the story and why she might be the most important character in the series as you see in the end.

Curse Words Vol. 3 continues to suffer from the lack of limitations that is provided for magic. We see a whole gamut of it from raining blood, reanimating the dead and much more. This problem is somewhat fixed with not having magic power on Earth but is still needing to charge up; however, having precious stones and it is no longer a limitation after that.

Overall the story is strong and keeps up the fast pace of the previous volumes. The end can be near but it can also be far away, depending on how Soule and Brown want to finish it.

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