D4ve can’t catch a break in “D4VE #2” – REVIEW

Mar 24, 2015


D4VE-02-pr-1-0c0c3D4VE #2
IDW Publishing

Story and Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Art and Colors: Valentine Ramon
Edits: David Hedgecock

Poor D4VE can’t catch a break. His life as a robot hero are days gone by. All he has now is a crappy job that he is horrible at and deserves to be fired from. His life at home has detracted to the point that his wife is leaving him. Meanwhile the kid that they ordered has arrived and is making D4VE’s live a living hell. Just like a teenage kid should be, he doesn’t care what is going on, and is doing everything wrong including prank calling his robot dad at work. Every minute of D4VE’s life is boring to him and just hears “blah blah blah” from everyone around him.

Dave2The script for D4VE has me laughing and agreeing with the main character. If you are past your prime and no longer needed by anyone, there is only a few things that you can do to get by… and that is daydreaming. It just so happens that these daydreams that D4VE is having, coincide with an alien invasion. The interaction and frustration that a robot can show is part of the reason this comic is funny. This is a great parody with the right amount of humor and story. The artwork in this comic is also very fun. The colors of this robot Earth show that it isn’t just some gray steel future but still a world with life. There are times in the panels that the detail and over the top robot culture remind me that this story about a has-been is a comedy.

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Now that the invasion isn’t just a scene from D4VE’s daydreams, and he can once again prove how useful he is. I can’t but help root for him. Life has been in the dumps for this guy (what is the slang term for a male robot?) and just when he thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. However, now he has one chance to win his wife back, earn the respect of his son, and be a somebody (some-robot?). The creative team of this comic has me looking forward to each new issue.

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