Danish Actor Pilou Asbæk Cast As Batou In ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Movie

Nov 10, 2015

The Ghost In The Shell movie from Rupert Sanders and Dreamworks is now starting to cast other roles in the film, which has Scarlett Johansson headlining as The Major. A new member of Section 9 has been cast in the film, and while it’s not a Japanese actor, he’s not American.

Danish actor Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones, Ben-Hur, The Borgias), who actually had scenes with Scarlett in Lucy will play fan-favorite character Batou. The rough and tumble second in command, who just happened to lead the sequel to the original anime film Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence. It’s a big role and could lead to a spin-off, if this movie becomes successful.


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