Dark Knights of Steel #2 (Review)

Dec 7, 2021

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Dark Knights of Steel #2

A mystery so big, it could crumble an empire. A story so great, it could rule the comic realm for years to come. Tom Taylor has done it again, creating one of the best comic series of 2021 and beyond. Dark Knights of Steel #2 is DC Fantasy to its fullest potential, and one of the best issues of the year from Taylor and DC Comics.

DC Comics
Written By: Tom Taylor
Art and Colors By: Yasmine Putri
Letters By: Wes Abbott


Progression needs to make sense. The story is moving along with Dark Knights of Steel #2, but also the threads and hints from the first issue are still there. As well the future storylines that are teased and hinted at are exciting. What this all means is that Tom Taylor, over the 12 issues, is telling a tale that will be satisfying but leave us wanting more. There are numerous storylines introduced into Dark Knights of Steel #2 that were surprising. The heroes added, the cliffhanger, and then back stories to some of the characters all work. Nothing feels out of place.

The addition of the medieval DC characters and places are just damn fun. Just seeing how the story unfolds via Knights of the Round Table is a sight to behold. It would be interesting how the story would work if it were in present day and told more as a straightforward tale. With Dark Knights of Steel #2, everything is doubled down upon. The stakes are that much higher.


The art is still not my favorite, but I appreciate what its doing for story progression. Putri has a distinct style that works for the fantasy realm Taylor and co are trying to create. Colors are where Dark Knights of Steel #2 really shines. Different characters all express color differently this issue. From there suits, to there aura. Harley, Waller, Bruce, Black Lightning and Constantine all have a breath of color with there character that magnifies there place in the world.

The other major thing the art does and the style Putri has is the scale. Dark Knights of Steel #2 feels huge. The landscapes, the castles, and the battle sequences all feel right out of the best fantasy movies or TV shows. When it comes to scale, there are no bigger so far in the two issues than the end sequence. No spoilers, but the climax in this issue ‚ both from an art and story perspective — were outstanding. Each issue so far has ended on a major cliff hanger and the art has expressed the weight of both perfectly. Still not my favorite style but its working for the book so far.

Final Thoughts

I did not expect to love this series so much, but a killer first issue and a follow up Dark Knights of Steel #2 that’s just as good, if not better, I can safely say this is one of the best DC books of 2021. Its fantasy on a grand scale, with your favorite DC heroes reimagined. It’s still the characters you know and love but with that slight twist that makes sense for the medieval world. Throw down the gauntlet, escape the guillotine and buy this book!


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