Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1 (REVIEW)

Sep 8, 2020

Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1
DC Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Francis Manaful
Colors by: Ian Herring
Letters by: Tom Napolitano

As good as the main Death Metal story has been, Scott Snyder and company have dominated with their collection of one-offs. There are always a few vital components included in each, plus something fun that helps explain what’s going on this wild world though not necessarily crucial.

There hasn’t been an exception yet, including Snyder’s latest addition to the chaos, Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1.

Francis Manaful was able to run wild with action scenes in the issue. But, there’s no question the breadth of character he put to the page was the best part of Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1. Wonder Woman and company come across a few familiar faces that haven’t been seen in a while, and readers are introduced to some more bad Bats throughout Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1.

Though, there’s one appearance that’ll stand out above the rest. The one that’ll leave readers thinking about this story for a while, even after they pick up their jaws off the floor. 

Given the importance of the Death Metal run in the DC Universe, we all knew we were going to see some heavy hitters. But, this character appearing in Snyder’s story ups the ante to an even greater level than initially expected.

The addition of new characters that carry weight in the eyes of characters we know well is always fun. Snyder has done that well throughout Death Metal, after doing so with the original Dark Nights Metal run.

Still, there’s nothing like bringing back a game-changer readers know well.

It was hard to imagine this ride could get any wilder, yet here we are.

Score: 9.0

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