David Ayer Might Lobby WB For R-Rated ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

Apr 15, 2016

David Ayer and the Suicide Squad made an appearance at the Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas along with most of the cast and spoke to MTV about the potential of a sequel.

The writer-director was asked about either films possibly aiming for an R rating.

“For an R movie, you have to decide to do it right out the gate, and that was never the case here.”

“We were always going to hit the PG-13 rating. But the film is meant to be that. It’s got edge, and it’s got attitude. And it’s got its own voice… There’s a lot in the film that’s going to surprise people.”


When asked if he would consider an R-rated follow-up, the director said, “It would be worth lobbying for.”

Ayer admits he could end-up lobbying the studio for R-rated sequel.

Trades have reported that a Suicide Squad sequel has already been greenlit with Ayer and Will Smith said to return for a 2017 production start.

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There’s also heavy speculation that WB’s release date slated for an untitled DC film in October 2018 is actually being reserved for Suicide Squad 2.

Do you think WB will start rolling-out R-rated comic book films starting with Suicide Squad 2?


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