David Oyelowo “First In Line” To Watch An Ava DuVernay Marvel Movie

May 27, 2015


A while back it was reported by The Wrap that director Ava DuVernay is being courted by Marvel Studios for one of their upcoming projects, the site leaning towards Black Panther over Captain Marvel. Selma actor David Oyelowo was asked about his opinion on the talk, and is overwhelming supportive about the potential. David was once a rumored contender for the lead of Panther, so it’s interesting that if Ava directs there’s a possibility he could still land a part.

“The thing about Ava is everything she touches she elevates….She bakes into it who she is,” he added. So, if Marvel is as smart and as brave to go on that journey with Ava, I’m personally the first in line to see what she does with that.”

“I think she’s going to take it in directions that are both exciting and provocative, and different to what you’ve seen thus far,” he said. “It’s always going to be a Marvel movie, but she is so singular as a director that I think her, plus that brand is an exciting idea.”

“For me personally, I tread with caution around the notion of those kinds of characters,” he said. “Depending on which one of them you’re playing, there’s always a danger you’re going to get so identified with this larger than life character, that it could become tougher for audiences to believe you in other roles.”

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The actor who play the iconic MLK in Selma, has playing around with the idea of joining one of these franchises. He’s been previously linked for roles in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World, he was also fellow fan-favorite to play T’Challa, before Chadwick Boseman landed the Black Panther lead. I still think he’d make an excellent addition to the MCU, but sounds like he might want a smaller role if he’d ever join. If Ava does end-up making Panther, I’d love see David take a supporting role in the film. I could totally see him playing a rival from the Wakandian royal family, or one of the many villains T’Challa faces. Playing villains in Rise of The Planet of The Apes and Jack Reacher means he’s likely open to any kind of role.

Have you seen this:

He previously commented on the Black Panther rumors on the Spirit Awards red carpet to IFC, stating he’d be interesting if the script was right for him. Add that his good friend Ava might be directing I feel like it could be a good parring. At this point we have no idea of Marvel has hired someone to rewrite Mark Bailey‘s original draft, which the studio has been said to be really happy with.

“If the script is right,” he answered. “It’s all about the script for me. I don’t discriminate between an independent film, a studio film, a play, a radio play, a TV show; if the script is great, I’m there.”

Black Panther is said to not start production until spring-summer 2017, since it’s release date won’t be until July 2018.


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