DC Artist Alley: Day of the Dead Variant Statues REVIEW

Oct 30, 2018


Skulls, Skeletons and colorful costumes fill the streets once again as we get ready to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). And just in time for this ghoulish holiday that celebrates and remembers our Ancestors, DC Collectibles has released their DC Artist Alley: Day of the Dead Variant Statues by Hainanu ‘Nooligan’ Saulque. Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn are all dressed, made up, and ready to celebrate Latin America’s frightfully fun holiday as we take a look at these uniquely inspired celebratory variants that can only be found at GameStop.

Batman is the first figure we will fawn over as Saulque makes this Dark Knight ooze with style and attitude. Posed as if he is casually riding his bat-board down the sidewalks of Gotham, this caped crusader is headed to the neighborhood Day of the Dead party with a relaxed demeanor but a clenched fist. I can’t get over how cool this Batman is, even without the Dia De Los Muertos makeup we are looking at an ultra-stylized Batman with a unique look and presence. The addition of the Day of the Dead makeup and costume designs this piece is elevated to eleven. The world of the Batman really meshes well with this holiday theme and that is even more evident in the Joker and Harley pieces. Batman looks great don’t get me wrong, the bat skeleton over the bat symbol is damn near design perfection. From his high socks to his grizzled chin, this Day of the Dead Batman really wears the costume well as he seems to have been born to celebrate the holiday.

Now onto the villains who in my opinion really thrive in this Day of the Dead style. Harly Quinn is wearing her classic Animated Series costume and gripping her weapon of choice, a Louisville Slugger. Posed as if she is calling her shot and ready to hit one out of the park, the design and detail on this princess of crime is stunning. The blacks, reds, and whites flow seamlessly together as Salque gives us a familiar Harley while also giving us something beyond special. Seriously the paint job on this piece is so perfect I feel like DC should just have Harley adopt this look full time. Just looking at the face of this statue its hard not to agree with this sentiment. The look works.

Out of all 3 of these, I do feel the Joker statue is the most impressive and frankly just beautiful. The Coloring pops from head to tow, yes this is a more cartoonish and exaggerated Joker than we are used to nowadays but it’s truly a unique look that fits this character so well. Wearing his classic purple suit but cut in a more formal style, with his suspenders dropped and holding a flower and cards, your eyes can’t help but stare at this Day of the Dead badass. Like all the other characters painted bones overlay his own skeleton, accenting their arms, legs, chest, and back. It’s a great look but on the Joker it feels especially fitting and if you thought Harley’s face makeup was stunning, wait until you see the Clown Prince of Crimes. With a pointed Pinnochio nose, and smiling ear to ear, the head sculpt and paint job on this Joker make the crazy even crazier as he has never looked more menacing.

Anyone of these statues is a centerpiece to your collection. Hainanu ‘Nooligan’ Saulque brings pure Latin style to Gotham as the city and its extraordinary inhabitants celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. Batman is dark, brooding but a little more relaxed and feels right at home, while Harley and Joker steal the show as they make the Day of the Dead their own. I guarantee every comic fan will oooh and awww at these wicked works of art.

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