DC vs. Vampires #2 (REVIEW)

Nov 27, 2021

DC vs. Vampires #2

With more secrets revealed, we see how deep the vampires have infiltrated the DC metahuman world in DC vs. Vampires #2. Hal and the other vampires have been at work removing any roadblocks that can stop them as the heroes are still oblivious. Trying to tie up loose ends might lead to the wrong hero finding out about their plan.

DC Comics
Writter by: James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Otto Schmidt
Letters by: Tom Napolitano

The story builds up an unknown vampire army and how deep their roots have grown. With Hal Jordan trying to balance the two worlds, we see how much he has fallen to the promise of total power. The best thing is seeing Batman involved and getting to see him in action. 

The writing holds no punches and leaves no one as untouchable. Tynion and Rosenberg craft an intriguing story as we get to see Batman break down all the clues we’ve seen. The interactions with heroes and villains work harmoniously to establish how everything has been set. They still keep a few secrets close with how they turned Hal Jordan. 

Schmidt is still pulling double duties with art and color like in issue one. With so many different locations used, he adapts to each one perfectly. The balance of the details of characters and action helps support the narrative and nature of the story. Schmidt does a great job showing the transformation of Everyman to vampire form. 

Final Thoughts on DC vs. Vampires

Overall, DC vs. Vampires issue 2 is solid and doesn’t go for the easy way by killing Batman right away. By explaining why they are using villains as perfect vampires are not talking down to the reader. Tynion and Rosenberg show they have done their planning and answer some of the questions readers have. Schmidt art adds the needed depth to the story, especially with the subtle details.

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