DC vs Vampires — Hunters #1: DC Comics Review

May 23, 2022

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Before getting into actual story, the DC vs Vampires — Hunters #1 cover is unreal. Jonboy Meyers really is one of the best in the business. Really need to see him telling stories, not just helping sell them.

DC Comics
Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Neil Googe
Colors by: Antonio Fabela
Letters by: Troy Peteri

That said, the team we get in this one-shot provides a good addition to this DC event. As much as this is separate from the DC vs Vampires main line, this feels like an important chapter. Not something to skip if you’re all-in on this event.

The focus is on Damian Wayne following the recent shocking developments within the story. He’s trying to make the best of a bad situation, but there’s not much he can do right now. In fact, it doesn’t seem like there’s much any of DC’s heroes can do right now. At the same time, some seeds of doubt are planted — which is part of why big-time fans of the event shouldn’t skip this.

When it comes to the art in DC vs Vampires — Hunters #1, there’s quite a bit of action mixed in throughout the issue. Neil Googe’s best moments come during when Damian is handling multiple targets. In those moments, Googe elected to go without panels. That played well with Damian and his opponents while also heightening the tempo in DC vs Vampires — Hunters #1 at the right time.

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