DCeased: Dead Planet #2 (REVIEW)

Aug 5, 2020


DCeased: Dead Planet #2
DC Comics

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Trevor Hairsine
Inks by: Gigi Baldassini
Colors by: Rain Beredo
Letters by: Saida Temofonte


Tom Taylor clearly gets too much satisfaction out of killing off characters.

By no means is that a complaint. Readers have to expect that coming into a Taylor story — especially when he’s in control of an event, rather than an ongoing series

In DCeased Dead Planet #2, it’s as abundantly clear as ever he wants to write off whoever he can whenever he can.

But Taylor does more with the heroes and villains left in his post-Apocalyptic world in DCeased Dead Planet #2. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about the idea of a team featuring John Constantine and Red Hood. Two dark characters in a dismal world without the usual goody-goody characters who typically try to tame them.

What could go wrong?

(WARNING: Spoilers for DCeased: Dead Planet #2 ahead.)

To be clear, earlier in the post, I was absolutely referring to Arsenal’s death in the first few pages of DCeased Dead Planet #2. Poor guy has gotten roasted quite a bit over the past few years.

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But at least he didn’t die as bad as some of the other characters this issue. Good grief; there’s a chance Taylor may not have a soul. Or Trevor Harisine for that matter. Some gruesome deaths this issue.

Aside from the deaths, Shadowpact was the coolest part of the latest chapter in Taylor’s story. What a great name, first off. And that roster is a joke. Would love to read a Shadowpact miniseries.

Looksl ike we’ve got some romance beyond Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen. Not sure if I have any major thoughts on it.

Not a controversial relationship or anything. It’s fine.

However, I’d rather not see that become a major part of the series. But I do trust Taylor will make the right decision. He usually does.

Score: 9.5

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