Deadly Class #33 Review

Apr 10, 2018


Deadly Class #33
Image Comics

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Wes Craig
Colorist: Jordan Boyd
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Release date: 4/11/18

The madness continues in the current arc of Deadly Class #33. I was glad that we finally got to go back and see what has been happening with Saya lately ever since she was taken back from her brother and held captive. The issue opens up with a beautiful page filled with bright colors, which is quite the contrast when compared to what we usually get in this series. The way this page with its images and Saya paint a picture of chasing your dream and escaping all the horrors in your world. She’s chasing this dream to be in a land where she no longer has to worry about all the things that she has done and all the pain, death, and suffering she has gone through. This will definitely help readers continue to push their want for this character to come out on top as she learns more horrors that are occurring with her friends.

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When the last issue ended, Marcus and Victor were fixing to finally start their fight. A fight that has been long overdue between the two but this time Marcus is a lot stronger. Not in the visually physical sense, instead he’s far more determined with his skills as he and Victor pummel each other and refuse to let the other walk away alive from this fight. The breakdown going on in Marcus’s head as he fights tells us how he’s no longer afraid of this man. He finds his motivation to keep going and even calls back to certain reasons that had brought him to the King’s Dominion in the first place. The fight is raw, brutal, intense and but what I love most about it is how much of it goes back and forth and seems to have these two come off as equals in their skills. The biggest surprise here is the backstory we get on Zenzele, the young freshman from Africa. She has these moments of seeming to lose her mind a bit in a dark place and finding out what happened in her past explains so much about her current state of mind.

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The way Rick Remender delivers great action and builds the characters throughout this run makes every issue leaving you anticipating on how things will end for everyone. The world that they live in is nothing short of crazy and it’ll leave drive you crazy as you have to wait to see what happens next after this issue.

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