‘Deadpool 2’ Screenwriter Rhett Reese Debunks ‘X-Force’ Post-Credit Rumor

May 10, 2017


The one thing that makes posting “scoops” a dangerous business is that many people connected with these projects are active on Twitter and can quickly debunk a story. This is one of the reasons we’re extremely careful what we post and why we’ve had limited exclusives.

Well, yesterday it was claimed by ComicBook that Fox was looking to cast Shatterstar, Feral, and Sunspot for a Deadpool 2 post-credit scene to set up X-Force. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 writer/producer Rhett Reese has come out and posted a seemingly debunking statement on Twitter, calling the story “wrong”.


There were many red flags we noticed in the story.

First, Sunspot is already on the roster of New Mutants (possibly set in the 1990s) as confirmed by writer-director Josh Boone. If he’s one of the main characters on their team joining X-Force seems a little odd, although, there is overlap between the classic X-Force and New Mutants teams.

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We’d just assume that any new members of X-Force would pull from more modern incarnations like Psylocke or X-23.

Feral being strikingly similar visually to New Mutants’ Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams?) was a little troubling too.

The biggest worry on our part is that when it comes casting call claims, sites like us post the hard details and information from these listings. Either what casting company or the logline for the characters in the casting call. Not generic character descriptions you could pull-up on Wiki or ComicVine.

Lastly, studios don’t hire post-credit actors before the main cast is fully hired. This is something that is done during production or during the post-production process. You normally don’t hear about post-credit scenes over a year before release (why even spoil this before cameras have even started rolling?). Many sites have been burned on these types of reports in the past. Not to mention, that X-Force doesn’t have a completed script and we’d imagine that the cast of X-Force would be chosen by the director of that film, not David Leitch.

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Deadpool 2 (aka Love Machine) begins filming on June 26th with a release date of June 1st, 2018.


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