‘Deadpool’ Concept Art Features Steve Austin As A Marauder; Will Mister Sinister Be Apart of ‘Deadpool 2’?

Jul 14, 2016


Deadpool is quite the success, but there apparently was a version without Tim Miller and former X-Force writer Jeff Wadlow pitched his own Deadpool movie. Wadlow even hired concept artist Kelton Cram to design some artwork his pitch.

DEADPOOL_CONCEPT-ART_CABLE_STEVE-AUSTIN_In an interview with Comic Book, Kelton revealed some Deadpool costume designs along with a fellow with the face of Stone Cold Steve Austin (Expendables). Apparently, the character was supposed to be one of Mister Sinister‘s notorious Marauders, who in the comics commit genocide against The Morlocks.

The non-Deadpool design is of Random (a.k.a. Marshall Evan Stone III), who in the pitch was part of The Marauders (though in the comics, he’s actually a member of The Acolytes), and seeing as though The Marauders are associated with Mister Sinister in the comics, does that mean he would’ve been the main villain in Wadlow’s film?

Kelton Cram: I’m not really sure if he had a relation to the Sinister character. The basic idea was a merc with the ability to grow a weapon from his arm. And of course they wanted him to be huge! (Which is why I went with Stone Cold [Steve Austin] for the reference.)

Sinister was directly hinted to in X-Men: Apocalypse and we’ve figured he would have some sort role within Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2 or even X-Force. Considering he was a major villain in comics, like Magneto he could be in multiple movies.

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It’s more than possible that producer Simon Kinberg and Tim Miller could end using R-rated level villains like the murderous Marauders as a larger threat in Deadpool 2 or X-Force, perhaps preventing  the genocidal event or stopping the group from targeting the Morlocks. An escalating threat within that world, but still keeps the film off the world-ending scale most superhero films tend to rely on. Perhaps, the Marauders are projects like Ajax and Angel, coming out of the workshop.

Deadpool 2 is aiming for a early 2017 production start, with a 2018 release date most likely.



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