‘Deadpool’ Director Teases Future Fight with X-23; Hire Tatiana Maslany!

Dec 27, 2015


Deadpool director Tim Miller is already doing press rounds to help promote the first R-rated Marvel movie since Blade: Trinity. He was asked by Empire, who he’d like to see Wilson fight on screen? After giving the impression that his choice Taskmaster (debuted in the pages of Avengers) might have returned to Marvel, Miller gave a more realistic answer.

“I’d love to see Deadpool fight Batman - no, I’m just kidding, that’s not even in the Marvel family! I’d love to see Deadpool go up against Taskmaster who’s another Marvel total fuckin’ badass. But if I was to stay inside the Fox family, I would like to see him fight X-23, the female Wolverine. The female clone of Wolverine. It would be totally messy, but just to have it be a girl against - you know, she’s young, in the comics she’s about 16 or so - but to see a young girl kicking the shit out of him would be pretty fucking awesome.”

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That being Wolverine clone and successor  Laura Kinney aka X-23, a female take on the fan-favorite mutant, who just happens to have a large following herself.We’ve suspected she’s been a hot-topic over at Fox, considering the character has huge crossover potential with projects like X-Force, New Mutants, and a Deadpool sequel (said to be getting an official announcement in the coming weeks/months). Kinney is also a character that could easily take the place of Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, if Jennifer decides to not to re-up her X-Men contract.

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I know she’s a bit younger in the comics, but I don’t think it would be terrible to put her in her 20s.

Orphan Black actress Tatiana Malsany has been itching to find a franchise role, being linked for leads in Star Wars movies Rogue One and Episode VIII, seemingly passed over. I think Fox would be smart to land the Canadian actress to be the successor to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, as Laura Kinney is how Fox could reboot the character without tossing out all the work Hugh did. Yes, she plays multiple clones already, but I feel like the role could lead to her own franchise, not unlike what we saw with the Wolverine solo flicks.


Then again, if they did want to go a lot younger they’d couldn’t go wrong hiring someone like thirteen year old British actress Raffey Cassidy (Tommorrowland, Dark Shadows, Snow White and The Huntsman). While relatively new, she held her own playing the role of badass Athena in Tomorrowland alongside George Clooney, Raffey could handle becoming a major addition to the X-Men universe. That’s if Disney, Marvel or Lucasfilm doesn’t put her in something else first.

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While I’ve suggested rebooting the character and taking him back to his military roots and missions, something like this could be perfect angle for the modern take of Wolverine, post-Wolverine 3.

This isn’t the first X-Force character Miller has teased, admitting that Cable could very likely be in the sequel.


Fox once tried to put together a Taskmaster movie based on the badass Marvel villain with writer-director Joe Carnahan (before he tried to reboot Daredevil for them), but the character has seemingly reverted back to Marvel via these comments from Tim Miller. Tony Masters is a prime candidate for films like Ant-Man and The Wasp/Black Panther or getting his own Netflix series. It’ll be nice if someone would be able to confirm this more concretely with people over at Marvel or Fox.

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham - The Walking Dead _ Season 5B, Fog Gallery - Photo Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC

If I had to pick someone they should cast as Masters it would be Band of Brothers and Walking Dead actor Michael Cudlitz.

Would you want to see X-23 in the Deadpool sequel or future X-Men films?


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