Deathstroke #34 Review

Jul 31, 2018


Deathstroke #34
DC Comics

Written by: Christopher Priest
Art by: Carlo Pagulayan
Colors by: Jeromy Cox
Letters by: Willie Schubert

I don’t think there will ever be a day I walk away disappointed after reading a Christopher Priest-written issue of Deathstroke. I honestly forget that Slade Wilson is a super healing, superstrong metahuman half the time I read Priest’s work because I’m always fascinated by what pissed off version of Deathstroke I’m getting in the issue.

We sometimes get the calculated “Deathstroke the Terminator” who is solely focused on his mark and mission. Nothing wrong with that version at all, but it seems like he’s a bit more in the background because he doesn’t have as much dialogue. Those issues almost run solely on his reputation and intimidating presence, which absolutely has value and I still generally enjoy those issues.

Other times, you get the angry, high-and-mighty Deathstroke. An assassin and horrible father who like to preach about life. Insufferable.

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Yet that’s the Deathstroke I love, and the one Priest writes so well.

That’s the Slade Wilson we get this issue as he and Batman tear each other apart both verbally an physically, while Priest leads us into the finale of the Deathstroke vs. Batman arc. And I honestly don’t know what was better: the action or how these two went at each other’s personal lives.

Never thought I’d say this, even with a Priest story, but I think I’m taking the verbal punches between Deathstroke and Batman in this one. They just get downright frigin dirty with each other and hold nothing back.

That’s not saying they hold back in Carlo Pagulayan’s well-drawn fight scene, that was so well done, too.

Priest’s been paired with a few different artists in his Deathstroke run, and they’ve all been pretty exceptional. Pagulayan’s no different – combined with Jeremy Cox’s colors and the ink work by Jason Paz and Trevor Scott.

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Also, sick, SICK cover by Robson Rocham Daniel Henriques and Brad Anderson.

Cannot wait for the Deathsroke v. Batman finale.

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