Decorum # 2 (REVIEW)

Jun 10, 2020


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Decorum # 2
Image Comics

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Art: Mike Huddleston
Letters: Rus Wooton
Design: Sasha E Head


Similar to the initial issue, Decorum 2 provides so much to unpack. Both in terms of plot and presentation. Hickman continues what I have come to view as immersive entertainment. Explanations are provided in brief info graphs, filling in some blanks. I found it best just to dive in and absorb as much as one is able. Hickman’s story swings from one point to the next so swifty, you could be mistaken for missing some things so I definitely recommend a second read.

Decorum’s second issue starts with an introduction to the Sisters and the work they are about. I enjoyed this masterfully written ode to malevolent work. The urgency expressed in their efforts leaps off the page. The sinister agenda of Ro Chi and his master carried such emotional rage. If what the Sister’s sought to do was a good thing, their work is something entirely different.

It’s hard not to notice how this story is broken into so many pieces. That could be uncomfortable for some readers but just stick with the story. At times it also feels disjointed but that is part of the intent I assume. Paying close attention so some repeating symbols is very wise here. The diamond and the orb keep showing up across each chapter, I can only assume that is not by chance.

As great as the writing of this issue is I doubt it would be as impactful if not for each of the talented artists on this book. Huddleston adapts the art style based upon the environment. During the creation story his art is abstract, while Mr Morley carries a rigid style. Rus Wutton also mixes up the lettering. The technique is so powerful, I can feel the cool calm of Mrs Morley and the robtic sentinel that is Ro Chi. Sasha Head’s design flows so smoothly that so much is fit into this book, yet I never felt overwhelmed.

Image’s Decorum 2 feels like a mashup of so many fantastic sci fi entries. I felt hints of Heavy Metal, MTv’s Liquid Television and the Fifth Element as I read through this book. Decorum delivers a universal creation story, with varying art styles told from different perspectives. It will be amazing to see how the inner story of Mrs. Morley and Neha impact the larger story of the Sisters and Ro Chi’s master.


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