Del Toro Confirms Talking With Lucasfilm; Linked To His Hypothetical ‘Jabba’ Mafia Movie?

Apr 12, 2017


While speaking with Collider director Guillermo del Toro stated that while making a Star Wars film would be fun, he’d rather first tackle his “own shit” first. Not surprising as the director wrapped on The Shape of Water last year and aims to make The Fantastic Voyage remake next.

However, the director did confirm meeting with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and John Kroll about an undisclosed project.

“Saying all that caveat, I will say there’s some characters that are great, and I have talked to Kathleen Kennedy and John Knoll about ideas.”

Two years ago, Guillermo said this to SlashFilm  when asked about what kind of Star Wars film he would be interested in tackling if the offer ever happened. I’m sure many of us are curious if this is the project he was talking to Lucasfilm about.

I would do the sort of Godfather saga the Jabba the Hutt had to go through to gain control. One, because it’s the character that looks the most like me, and I like him. I love the idea of a Hutt type of mafia, a very complex coup, you know? … I just love the character.”

AICN had previously reported a rumor that a Jabba movie along with a Yoda movie were being considered by Lucasfilm film at one point. Then again, the story did claim that this Yoda film would be the subject of the first anthology film.

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“Oh - and I’ve also heard tale of a JABBA story that Lucas has floated to some of his buddies.”

Considering how far down the line a Jabba movie would be, it’s possible that Guillermo could come back to it after knocking out some of his personal/original projects in the meantime.


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