Denzel Might Be Up Against The Corsican Mafia In ‘The Equalizer 2’

Aug 5, 2017


Omega Underground previously reported on Antoine Fuqua‘s The Equalizer 2 (aka EQ2) being shot on September 21st until November 21st in Boston. The sequel pulled Fuqua from remaking Scarface for Universal.

Now, we have an idea who Denzel Washington will be facing in the Boston-set sequel via this casting call below.

*Men With Authentic French Accents*

-Caucasian Males (30-55)

-Authentic French Accent

This casting call seemingly points to French organized crime as the villains, mainly the Milieu (French organized crime) which consists of the Corsican Mafia (Corsica), French Maghrebi (Algerian), French Black (African/Caribbean), and the Travellers (Manush/Yeniche).

The casting call suggests we’ll likely be seeing the Corsican Mafia in the film. These gangsters have been profiled in movies like The French Connection, A Prophet, The Connection, and Denzel’s previous film American Gangster.

Considering how the Milieu is linked to the heroin trade and with the real opioid abuse epidemic in the North Eastern United States, it wouldn’t be shocking if we see Denzel breaking up a French drug cartel operating in Boston.

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I have my fingers crossed that Fuqua and Sony is able to convince someone like Vincent Cassell (Eastern Promises, Jason Bourne, Ocean’s Twelve) to play the main villain. Just our own suggestion.

They are also looking to fill these supporting roles as well with experienced actors. Auditions are taking place in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

*African-American or Hispanic Male*

-Can Play 18 to 21

-Major Role


*Middle Eastern Female*

-Actresses 45 to 65


Equalizer 2 begins filming next month and is set for release on September 18th, 2018.



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