Destiny: Beyond the Campaign

Sep 18, 2014


Have you finished the story of Destiny? Have you reached the temporary level cap of 20? Are you looking for a different kind of challenge? If you are then you have got to play these game modes.  Assemble your Fireteam in Orbit, expand your horizons, and attempt to Become Legend!


In Baseball and Bowling Strikes can be good or bad, depending on the Point of View.  The same is true about Strikes in Destiny. Its good for the Guardians and bad for the Aliens that have invaded our Solar System.  This game mode is perfect whether you have 30 minutes of free time or hours of free time.  Once you progress far enough in the game all six Strikes will be available to you. I should point out that right now only five of them are available to Guardians that are playing on Xbox consoles.  The recommended level for this game mode is anywhere from 8-18. Don’t be brave like me and attempt the Devil’s Lair Strike at level five because you will die…..a lot!

Each Strike consists of stages where you battle waves of enemies, mini bosses, and big bosses that you won’t see in other game modes.  Teamwork is crucial if you hope to survive this. If all members of the Fireteam die you must restart from the beginning of the last checkpoint. So far I’ve played only four of the six and I’ve found that the Mars Strikes are the toughest. Bungie has provided incentives to replay Strikes. These incentives range from earning special gear either during, after the mission ends, or by completing specific bounties that you can pick up in The Tower before venturing out. The bounties I’ve picked up include complete any strike without dying & killing a specific Strike boss.

This mode is mainly for post level 20 Guardians looking for better gear, Vanguard Marks, and Vanguard Reputation

This mode is mainly for post level 20 Guardians looking for better gear, Vanguard Marks, and Vanguard Reputation. Note: Your Guardians can earn up to 100 Marks per week. In this picture I’ve earned 30.


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If you are looking for more of a challenge then check out the Vanguard area of The Director. In this mode you can choose between four different Strike playlists. The Strikes in this mode are more challenging because of the enemies being different and a higher level.  I’ve reached level 23 with my Hunter and have access to all of them.  The difficulty level ranges from 18-24. The higher the difficulty the better the rewards, if you are lucky enough to get them. Sometimes you get gear, sometimes you don’t. It’s random.  For example, I played four strikes on level 20 difficulty and only got three or four weapons/armor when I could have received a maximum of eight, two per Strike. Sometimes you get Decoherent Engrams from killing enemies that you have to get decrypted on your next Tower visit in order to find out what it is. If you are lucky the Cryptarch will give you something good.  If you are looking for something even more challenging then check out the Weekly Heroic Strike located on the left side of The Director between Moon & Venus. These have modifiers on them that require you to bring your A game.  I’ve yet to play one of these but I will soon.

The Crucible

This is the only game mode that pits Guardian against Guardian.  Whether you go in solo or with a Fireteam of three or six make sure you use your best weapons and armor. Bungie turns off the level advantages to help keep things as fair as possible. They want a Guardians skill to matter. The best Crucible match I’ve had as a level 23 Hunter looked like this: Kills (16), Assists (1), K/D Ratio (1.78), Score (1930), & Deaths (9). To put things in perspective in the same match there was a level 11 Warlock with a higher K/D Ratio and Score than mine.

There are a total of six different game modes (Skirmish, Control, Clash, Salvage, Rumble, & Combined Arms) that can be played on a variety of maps: 10 altogether. These 10 maps are located on Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.  I must note that the only time you will be able to visit the planet closest to the Sun is during Crucible game modes. Each map is randomly chosen, I suspect its to keep Guardians from picking their favorites over and over again. As of September 18, 2014 I’ve only played in five of the six modes listed earlier. So far the three modes I enjoy the most are Control, Skirmish, & Rumble. The first two are team based and the latter is a free for all mode. I need to play more Salvage and Clash (which are both team based) to see if those modes will be placed on my favorite list.  Playing in the Crucible will earn you Reputation, Marks (which can be used to buy weapons/armor in The Tower), and the possibility of earning gear without having to purchase items.  As with the Strikes, everything is random. You can earn more Reputation and Marks if you or your team win matches. Every week your Guardian can only earn a maximum of 100 Marks, in the picture I’ve earned a total of 65. I’m fairly certain you can keep playing once you’ve hit the weekly max, but you won’t be earning Marks.

Only 4 of the 6 game modes were available when I took this. I have seen a 5th game mode available but I couldn't grab the Screenshot.

Only 4 of the 6 game modes were available when I took this. I have seen a 5th game mode available but I couldn’t grab the Screenshot.

In other Destiny articles I’ve said that Competitive Multiplayer is not a game mode I typically enjoy. In Destiny I’ll be playing this mode as much as all of the others. It’s the only way to become familiar with the maps and to practice the best techniques for taking down other Guardians.  As stated earlier my Hunter is at level 23 and I’m doing my best to increase this level to 25 in order to attempt Bungie’s hardest challenge, The Vault of Glass. If you haven’t read my previous article, Destiny: Blending Action & Mystery I hope that you get a chance to do so.  If I had to choose one of these modes over the other,  I’d play Strikes. They are repetitive but I believe its the best mode to play with your friends. Let me know in the comments below which mode you enjoy the most.

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