Destiny: Blending Action & Mystery

Sep 16, 2014


Destiny, the newest IP by Bungie, is a fascinating, exhilirating, & mind blowing experience that has the perfect blend of action and mystery.  There was a ton of hype surrounding this game even before the Beta launched back in July. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this game. The closer September 9th got the more excited Guardians around the world became; Christmas was coming early.  Bungie is known for epic games that include amazing stories and fast paced action.  Destiny has that and whole lot more. Designed from the ground up to be played Cooperatively, even if that person is halfway around the world, Guardians can join together to tackle Story Missions, Patrol/Explore the worlds of Destiny  to find some sweet loot and secret areas that sometimes have items that uncover the back story of Destiny (more on that later). These modes are just a few of the activities you will find in this game.

Long ago we discovered that our Solar System had received a visitor we called The Traveler. Its arrival ushered in a Golden Age, we should have known that this Age would not last forever.  Every end has a beginning and even though our Solar System has been invaded by Alien species (Fallen, Hive, Vex, & Cabal), and a different kind of enemy Guardians don’t fully understand, at least not yet, hope is not lost…..


Your Guide/Companion. It can open doors and provide knowledge about alot of things.

Your Guide/Companion. It can open doors and provides knowledge about alot of things.

At the beginning of the journey you find yourself being brought back to life by a strange little machine known as a Ghost.   You are told that you’ve been dead a very long time and that you need to get to the City. The Fallen are nearby and its not safe. Your Ghost is your companion and is tasked with guiding you. And trust me you need a Guide, I’ve gotten lost too many times.  After finding a weapon or two you kill a bunch of Fallen, find a spaceship that is activated by your Ghost, and are transported to the Tower.  This place is your home. You can visit Vendors to prepare for the journey ahead, seek out the Vanguard to acquire gear that will help you survive , and even play a little soccer (if you can find the ball).

At the Tower you learn about The Traveler and its enemy: The Darkness. The Speaker, who is the Voice of The Traveler, tells you that Guardians are on other worlds fighting to push back The Darkness.  Each mission drives you into the unknown, its compelling and intriguing.

The Speaker. What is hidden behind that mask?

The Speaker. What is hidden behind that mask?


Have you seen this:


Once I got to the third mission on the Moon I became hooked.  What I was able to do in that mission generated an abundance of excitement. I can’t remember the last time a game’s story caused that much excitement, and I’ve played a lot of great games with great stories. I am glad that Bungie held the cards close to their chest. There is so much mystery surrounding this story that I truly can’t predict how it will end. I Love It. I’ve traveled as far as Venus and have completed one mission,  so I think I’m halfway through the story.  Despite not knowing how the story will end, at least in this game, I do know that this is a story I’ll replay over and over again. I’ve already started comparing the story to watching a favorite movie, the original Star Wars Trilogy, again and again not caring that I already know how it ends. I highly recommend that you experience the story of Destiny firsthand, instead of just watching game play and the amazing cut scenes or hearing about it from a friend, not that there’s anything wrong with that.


In Destiny there are at least four worlds (Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars) that you can explore. Once you have played at least one Story mission in each location this game mode becomes available. I think of Patrol as a way to just explore the solar system. This mode is the perfect choice for Guardians to try out that new Sniper rifle or other cool weapons they’ve earned after completing a story mission.  While on Patrol you or your Fireteam can pick up missions via beacons spread out across the map. These missions center on a specific goal that usually take 5-10 minutes depending on where the objective is located.  Once completed you will earn Experience and Vanguard reputation, with the latter increasing your Vanguard rank. The higher the rank the better the weapons/armor you gain access to. You can also pick up bounties in the Tower before you head out to explore so that you can earn even more experience and reputation.  While you can come across other Guardians during story missions this is the best mode to experience the shared world aspect of Destiny. I was on the Moon exploring the Hellmouth when I came upon four other Guardians fighting some nasty looking Hive. We dispatched the enemies quickly and I waved to them. Only one of them waved back but it was a cool thing to see.  That kind of interaction is just one of the things I love about this game. That player could live in my city or on the other side of the world but we are occupying the same public space in the game.

Earning experience upgrades subclass abilities among other things.

Earning experience upgrades subclass abilities among other things. This is a level 20 Warlock

Patrol mode is the best mode if you are looking to encounter Public Events. These events are always fun and challenging. A group of Guardians coming together to take out an enemy like a Devil Walker, or to eliminate a single target is rewarding. Every reward you receive is random. While exploring you can also find Golden loot chests that have unique items stored inside.  I know that there are five different chests on Earth and the Moon. If you have created more than one Guardian you can find all five chests using each character. The locations of these chests do not change. I’ve found all of them on the Earth as a Warlock, Titan, and Hunter.  You can also come across dead Ghosts that can be reactivated. I’m not exactly sure if you earn any experience by doing this, but you can unlock Grimoire Cards that gives you more information about Destiny.

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Companion App

Like other games from last generation and this generation of consoles, Destiny has a free companion app. I believe that this is a great app to keep track of your in game progress when you aren’t able to turn on your console of choice.  You can even equip weapons from the app so that when you do turn on the game you already have your gear selected and can immediately jump into the action.  From the app I’ve browsed the vendors to see what weapons or armor they have on display, visited the Bounty board to see what was available for me to pick up prior to leaving the Tower. You can also check your stats for each game mode: Kills, hours played, activities cleared, how many times you have died, and your K/D ratio are just some of the stats that are being tracked by Bungie. Don’t forget to  view the Grimoire Cards that you unlocked in the game. These cards have a description on the back of them that you can read to learn more about the World of Destiny. The app is designed to keep you connected in every way to this game. As of now this app is only available on certain Apple and Android devices. If you are unable to download this app don’t worry because everything you can do via the app can also be done via the full website.


Are you enjoying Destiny as much as I am? Let me know in the comment section below. Please keep them spoiler free because I haven’t finished the Story yet.   Stay tuned for more coverage of Destiny. I still haven’t covered Strikes, The Crucible, and the hardest challenge Bungie has ever created……Raids.


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