Destiny The Taken King: April Update

Mar 24, 2016


Hello Guardians, are you ready to once again defeat creatures born of The Darkness? Since the launch of Destiny in 2014 you have slayed Atheon in the Vault of Glass; Crota, son of Oryx, in that deep dark pit on the Moon; Skolas, a wannabe Fallen Kell who was recaptured & imprisoned in the Prison of Elders; and most recently Oryx, The Taken King who thought he would avenge the death of his son. On April 12, Destiny will be updated and new threats will surface in our solar system. Here is a glimpse of what awaits us in The Reef.

Prison of Elders has been given a facelift. There are still the level 28-35 arenas that we were introduced to in House of Wolves.

The new light cap when the update goes live.

The new light cap when the update goes live.

These were left alone for low level Guardians to experience. One new arena is a level 41 version that includes regular enemies as well as taken enemies. Which type of enemy you face is randomized and you can play this level 41 arena as many times as you’d like. You will be able to reap the rewards of this new arena each time you play. In the original Prison you needed a Treasure Key to open up the Queen’s treasure chests; in the level 41 arena, which has a recommended light of 260, this is not the case. You will earn legendary marks as well during this specific game mode. Here are three more things you should know about this game mode: four new Taken bosses will be available to defeat, if you don’t have a full fireteam matchmaking is available, and earning rewards from this activity will get your Guardian to 320 light. When the April Update goes live your character will be able to increase their light to a maximum of 335.

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Another addition to the Prison of Elders is a challenge mode titled Challenge of the Elders. This is a level 42 arena, with a recommended light of 320. In order for you to participate in this challenge mode you will need to be at level 40, own The Taken King expansion, and purchase an Elders’ Sigil from Variks for 100 Glimmer. This Sigil acts as a scorecard, very much like the PvP activity Trials of Osiris. In the Challenge of the Elders you & 2 of your friends (no matchmaking available) will fight in three boss rounds. Your goal is to kill waves of enemies the are released in proportion to the health of the boss. There will be at least three active modifiers one of which gives your team point bonuses if you accomplish the special feat as described in the modifier. In this mode if your fireteam reaches a high score of 30,000 points by the end of the third round Variks will provide you a gift: a weapon with 335 attack. The point bonus has a maximum multiplier of three, so more points should be scored in the final boss round. An individual score is tracked as well; if you accumulate 90,000 points in any given week Variks will gift you a piece of armor with 335 defense. I should

The Elders' Sigil. Cost to purchase is 100 glimmer.

The Elders’ Sigil. Cost to purchase is 100 glimmer.

warn you points earned in a round will be forfeited if the entire team wipes in that round. Variks will also take away points if you are taking longer than normal to complete the round. This mode will have different bosses week to week. There are a total of eight bosses (four Taken, four regular) dedicated to this activity. In the two new Prison modes you will be able to complete weekly bounties Variks has available to get more reputation for House of Judgement faction. Every week different bounties will be available at the weekly reset. You will also now be able to complete certain Vanguard bounties in the new Prison of Elders.

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Here are a few more pieces of information regarding the new activities coming to Destiny next month.  There are new quests to complete, one of which is exclusive (for the time being) to Playstation guardians. There is a new Strike that features a brand new boss, Malok. The Winter’s Run strike from the original game has been altered to include Taken enemies as well as a Taken version of the Archon Priest. The original strike is unchanged and can still be selected from the Venus map. The Taken version will only be available when you choose the Vanguard Heroic strike playlist. There will be new gear to earn  starting April 12th. Bungie will reveal more info about gear & progression of light stats next week when the 2nd of three Twitch livestreams happens. For information I didn’t touch on in this article check out the page Bungie created for the April Update.

If you already own The Taken King expansion that released last September this April Update is 100% free. I am very excited to try out the new and improved Prison of Elders when April 12th arrives. I’ve said this before and I will say it again what an exciting time to be a Guardian.

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