Destiny: The Taken King Positive Edition

Jun 26, 2015

This week Bungie and The Taken King editions have been under heavy fire, not from the weapons or brand new Supers revealed during E3, but from several (not all) of the players that have played Destiny at some point in time since the games launch last September.  Instead of resurrecting the negative side of this great disturbance in the Destiny community let’s focus on what I like to consider Destiny: The Taken King Positive Edition.

One of the greatest positives I experienced this week was the respectful nature of the discussions between Guardians with opposite views towards the pricing of the three different editions. While some of those conversations were often respectful on just one side it was a breath of fresh air compared to the alternative.

destiny-the-taken-king-legendary-edition-01-us-15jun15 Another positive was when veterans and leaders of the community, that extends as far back as  the days of the Halo franchise, banded together not to defend Bungie and the prices, but to  suggest alternatives for players to voice the objections & concerns they have to the developers of Destiny.

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While it may not seem a positive by all I truly believe that this statement: “That’s your right, and we respect your freedom to make decisions about what you find valuable,” by David “DeeJ” Dague, Bungie community manager in response to this statement: “I refuse to pay for what I already have and you should too.” from a member of the Destiny community, was positive in nature.  DeeJ revealed more about the VIP rewards year one Guardians will receive and info on the current editions available for preorder in the Bungie Weekly update.

Year 1 players will get these on 9-15-2015

Year 1 players will get these exclusive rewards on 9-15-2015.


Also revealed in the Bungie Weekly Update was a fifth option for players to purchase just The Taken King along with the in game items (3 exotic class items, 3 armor shaders,  & 3 new emotes) that were only available in two Collector Editions that included all of the current content most Guardians own already. You won’t see this option available yet on the website but when details, including price, are finalized I’m positive that website will be updated. This option was revealed in direct correlation with the feedback Bungie read and acted on. They are listening to the players, what a positive feeling that is.

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Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait to experience the next great adventure in our Solar System. I’m coming for you Oryx!!

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