Destiny: The Taken King

Jun 22, 2015


When Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15, 2015 (PS4, XB1, PS3, & 360) Guardians, new and old, around the world will have exciting new adventures to embark on.  E3 has come and gone but that’s quite alright because news surrounding the newest Destiny adventure came to Light, see what I did there? Here is a rundown of everything I found out that I believe will improve Destiny when year two of this franchise starts.

New & Improved Guardians


When The Taken King, a major expansion for Destiny, launches three brand new Subclasses IMG_20150616_173342will be accessible. Warlocks will finally be able to possess Arc abilities with the new Subclass named Stormcaller.

Titans will unlock the power of the Sun with the subclass titled Sunbreaker.

Hunters will provide support by harnessing Void energies to ensnare the enemy in both PvE & PvP modes. Each subclass will have a skill tree very similar to the original subclasses. The new Subclasses will be discovered as part of the journey each Guardian takes. How exactly this will unfold is still a mystery, one that I believe will stay that way until you play the game. IMG_20150616_173332



New Enemies

The Taken King is Oryx, a Hive God that is out for revenge against Guardians that killed his son Crota.  The two things we know about Oryx is that he was born of The Darkness, the ancient enemy of The Traveler, and that he has the ability to rip out alien races from our solar system and change them or bend them to his will in order to exact his revenge. These alien races will look different, fight different, and behave differently causing Guardians to adapt and come up with new tactics in order to defend the last safe city on Earth. No Legend is safe until this new threat is eliminated. IMG_20150618_154003New Locations/New Activities

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The solar system is gonna get a little bigger on 9-15-2015.  Oryx will arrive on the edges of Saturn in his formidable Dreadnaught ship.  It is said that its hull is impenetrable so Guardians must find a way to infiltrate this loot filled fortress that is filled with secrets and end this threat. All that is known about the campaign is that the Vanguard have sent us to investigate a Cabal distress signal from a base on Phobos and its clear that the Cabal are not invading an enemy stronghold but attempting to flee an invasion. There are going to be new Public Events, new Bounties to complete, a whole bunch of new Strikes, rooms that feel like bosses, a brand new six player Raid on the Dreadnaught that will capture the spirit of adventure with friends. This Raid is the biggest one yet. Bungie is committed to providing focused storytelling that continues the story revealed to players during The Dark Below expansion.  The priority is about focusing on the new characters that will be introduced when The Taken King is released.  This story promises to be better with a better campaign.

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Whether you have played Destiny since launch or will be new to the party come 9-15-2015 you are in for a treat. Bungie hasn’t revealed everything about the next great adventure that awaits Guardians, but with future weekly updates that connect the developers and players you can bet that we will get a greater sense of what to expect when we finally get to battle Oryx. Are you ready? I am!!!

Stay tuned for more Destiny coverage as we countdown the days until September 15th arrives.




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