Destiny: Will you Become Legend?

Jun 20, 2014



Become Legend.  What does that mean exactly? To me it means that I will take huge risks to earn legendary rewards. To quote a follower of mine on Twitter becoming legend is to “become something more than what you start off as….to make history”.  Destiny is a Science Fiction First Person shared world shooter with heavy emphasis on cooperative and social gameplay. It also incorporates a unique leveling up system similar to RPGs and MMOs.   The game is set in our Solar System, and you as a Guardian are charged with defending the last safe city on Earth. Whether you form a Fireteam of three Guardians or decide to play as a lone wolf you have the ability to Become Legend, will you?

In the following video released during E3 Jason Jones, co-founder of Bungie, talks about Destiny and what the team has been doing since revealing the game back in 2013. The video also shows new in game footage I haven’t seen before.



The Traveler

Not much is known about the Traveler, but we do know that its arrival changed everything.  What we now call the Golden Age began soon after new life was breathed into our Solar System.  It was a time for exploration & a time of miracles.  However,  the Golden Age did not last long. The ancient enemy of the Traveler found Earth and destroyed nearly everything on the planet. All we know is that we survived–and we owe our lives to the Traveler.

The Guardians

I was fortunate enough to play the Destiny alpha throughout Father’s Day weekend.  I was able to experience all three of the following classes. Each class has two Subclasses that you can choose from when you get to a certain level.

A Warlock has studied the mysteries of the Traveler.  Considered to be the mage of the traditional Fireteam you can choose between an offensive Subclass known as Voidwalker and a support based Subclass called Firesinger. While I wasn’t able to gain access to Firesinger, the Voidwalker has an amazing Super known as Nova Bomb. Skill and precision is required to really use this to devastate your enemies.

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A Hunter is a master at his/her craft. Deadly with the blade and accurate with the guns found in Destiny, this ruthless Guardian relies on gut instinct and intuition to destroy anything that keeps them from becoming legend.  This class has two offensive Subclasses known as Gunslinger and Bladedancer.  Gunslinger has the Super titled the Golden Gun, which summons a flaming pistol to deal high damage to enemies. Summon it wisely because you only get a maximum of three shots if the timer doesn’t run out first.

If you choose to become a Titan then you will be charged with being the protector of the Fireteam. Don’t worry though because as a protector you still get to do some pretty amazing things.  Using the offensive Subclass titled Striker allows you to summon the Fists of Havoc.   When activated you pound the ground with electrical fists to annihilate foes.  Equipping the Defender Subclass grants you the ability to shape Void Light into an indestructible shield that protects you and  your allies from harm.

Public Events

Something new that Bungie is bringing to the table with Destiny is the ability for several Guardians to participate in what is known as a Public Event. These events occur at random and require Guardians, whether playing solo or with a Fireteam of two or three,  to unite in battle against a boss or some other objective that is revealed once the event starts. These events are always timed and you receive a rating of one, two, or three stars depending on how well you fought and if the event was successfully completed before the timer ends.

The Tower

This location is the Social hub for all Guardians to interact with one another.  It’s also a place gear up. Activities available to you in this space include visiting the Cryptarch to get your Engrams decoded so that you can equip what epic loot you found during battle.  You can also visit the War Room where the Vanguard mentors are stationed.  There is one mentor for each class. Want to switch weapons that you found when playing as a different class? You can do that by accessing your Vault.  Why don’t you visit the Shipwright to spend that hard earned Glimmer, the currency in Destiny, to buy kick ass ships and Sparrows so you can impress your fellow Guardians in orbit and on the battlefield.  One thing that you can do in this place is form Fireteams of six Guardians to bring into the Crucible.  There is a lot more you can do in the Tower so I’ll stop here.

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The Crucible

This is the Multiplayer you have been looking for.  Only one multiplayer mode was available to the Guardians who participated in the alpha previously mentioned in this article. The mode called Control is a six versus six team based activity where three points on a map can be captured. The victorious team is decided by either amassing 20,000 points or having the most points when the timer reaches zero. The two maps available were titled First Light, which is located on the moon, and Rusted Flood Zone located on Earth.  You are able to bring any weapon that you earned while playing the non-multiplayer portion of Destiny. When the match starts you only have Primary and Special ammo, colored white and green respectively. During the gameplay Heavy weapon ammo, colored purple, is dropped. The location of the purple and green ammo appear on your map as waypoints, as do the three control points.


The information provided in this article is just a taste of what Destiny has planned for Guardians during the next decade. If you want to get more information about Destiny follow me on Twitter and I’ll definitely send you to the right place. Do you have what it takes to Become Legend?


Hope to see you Starside when the Destiny Beta launches on July 17th for PS4 and Ps3 owners that have preordered this game.

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