Detective Comics #1030 (Review)

Nov 11, 2020

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Detective Comics #1030
DC Comics

Written by Peter J Tomasi
Art by Bilquis Evely
Colors by Mat Lopes
Letters by Rob Leigh

The dangers for the Bat Family increase as the anti-mask forces get stronger.

Mayoral candidate and former GCPD officer Nakano is still feeling guilt over the loss of his partner during the Joker War. His own trauma not only invades his dreams, but is causing him to lash out. At the same, Batman has some family issues he needs to deal with, namely Damian. After stealing Bruce’s casebook, the former Robin has gone underground and Batman wants to find him. A gathering of the Bat family gives him the chance to get them to contact him if Damian comes to see them.

As they gather, they discuss the new rash of anti-mask violence directed towards them and how each of them is being targeted while trying to help. To make matters worse, none of them called for this meeting and they are surprised by who did.

Peter J Tomasi is doing a great job of building the threat of the anti-mask contingent in the city. The story has some interesting and palpable stakes while also making it a point to stay personal with Bruce’s conflict with Damian. I really enjoyed the side story with Damian and his investigation into the attempts on Bruce’s life. It makes for some entertaining drama and an intriguing story that I hope gets explored more.

Bilquis Evely brings some beautiful imagery to the art in this issue. There are some beautiful details throughout and the flow of the panels helps to emphasize the intimacy of the story.

Score: 8.6


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