Detective Comics #984 Review

Jul 10, 2018


Detective Comics #984
DC Comics

Written by Bryan Hill
Art by Miguel Mendonca
Inks by Diana Egea
Colors by Adriano Lucas

Karma has come to Gotham and he has something that he wants from Batman. How he gets it is anyone’s guess, but he is going to go through the children that Batman has trained to get it. He’s already taken The Signal out of the fight and now is after Orphan. At the same time, Batman is trying to convince Jefferson Pierce that he needs help. The help that only an educator can provide. But it might be too late for all of them when Karma learns Bruce’s secret and seemingly knows everything they are going to do before they do it.

The last issue of Detective made me question whether Batman was using Pierce to create another group of Outsiders. Whether Black Lightning was just going to be another soldier in Batman’s army, negating the prominence the character has garnered lately. What’s interesting is that the opposite seems to be true. It looks more and more like Batman needs Jefferson to be the mentor that he can’t. A weakness that it is almost impossible for Batman to admit to, but one that is evident in the previous arcs. It’s also interesting that the mantra that Karma is fighting under is the same one that Bruce realizes when he brings in Black Lightning.

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Hill has done a great job showing the cracks in Batman’s plan. He’s bringing in a character who has a history of dealing with young people and someone that is a teacher. I actually admire the choice and am on board to see what Black Lightning brings to the dynamic. If anything, it allows the character to act in a way that better rounds out the characters of Signal and Orphan, who get lost in the shuffle most of the time when the arc isn’t about them specifically.

Miguel Mendonca’s art is great. There are some awesome action panels in it and the fight between Karma and Cassandra is necessarily brutal. I’m interested to see where the story goes next.

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