Diamond Select Marvel Gallery: X-23 Wolverine PVC Statue Review

Aug 19, 2018


In 2014 Wolverine finally met his end in Marvel Comics. It’s been 5 years since Logan was covered in adamantium and mummified during his final battle with Doctor Abraham Cornelius, the founder of the program that created him. A fitting end for Marvel’s most popular character. In his absence, his daughter Laura Kinney, formerly know X-23 would take his mantle and carry on his legacy. Now that the original Wolverine is set to make his come back and Laura has returned to her X-23 roots, I thought there is no better way to say goodbye to Laura’s Wolverine than to feature her beautifully, deadly Diamond Select Marvel Gallery: X-23 Wolverine PVC statue.

Standing with her hips cocked and her claws popped, this PVC statue measures 9 inches tall and is sculpted by Sam Greenwell.  Sporting the classic Wolverine costume Laura looks fantastic in a casual pose that fantastically projects her attitude and signature claws. We have normally seen X-23 as a child or teenager but this statue gives a Laura Kinney that is much more grown up and ready to do what she does best, just like her papa. From top to bottom there is little not to love about this piece as it is nearly flawless in its rendering and perfectly encapsulates the character. I love this statue, starting with the head sculpt that features Laura dawning the slightest smile as only her lips and long flowing hair are visible through her father’s classic mask. The look she has, the way her mouth is puckered and her claws popping by her face just screams “I’m a badass and I know it.”

Because she isn’t forced in this intense action pose, the costume and colors really need to sell this piece and they definitely do their job. The colors pop off the statue as the bright yellow and metallic blue of Wolverine’s classic look has never looked better. The paint is really a huge highlight of this piece as it glimmers and shines under the light. This statue is smooth, sexy and an instant eye-catcher, thanks to the costume and coloring. Even the brown X-men belt is a perfect touch to this piece as it adds just enough contrast to draw the eye and does a great job accentuating the figure’s hips. The claws are positioned in a way so they are always in your frame as the eyes move from head to toe, another stellar design feature that allows for a more natural pose which still features her coolest attributes without having to be so action orientated.

To really sell this statue and it’s X-Men roots laura is standing atop the iconic X-Men “X,” but this team she has made her mark as the “X” features 2 distinct claw marks, signifying this is X-23 territory. The more I stare and the statue the more I fall in love with it, it’s a perfect piece and is quickly becoming the favorite of my collection. Its simplicity goes a long way as I can find nothing I don’t like about this depiction of X-23. Every comic fan will want to own this piece as Laura Kinney has seemingly lept off the pages of Tom Taylor’s All-New Wolverine and landed on your shelf. I don’t say this often but every X-Men fan, Wolverine fan, and X-23 acolyte will instantly fall in love with this bright, beautiful, and sassy take on a classic hero.

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