Diamond Select Mysterio PVC Diorama (Review)

Jan 9, 2021


Spider-Man is definitely top 3 of my favorite comic book characters and Mysterio maybe my favorite Spider-Man villain, so when I saw Diamond Select put out a Mysterio statue, I had to have it. Quentin Beck made his live action debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but before he was a pupil of Tony Stark in the comics Beck was a failed Hollywood stuntman and special effects wizard. When an accident caused him to leave Hollywood behind Beck used his expert knowledge in the art of special effects to create intricate traps, holograms and and an illusion educing costume. Taking the name Mysterio Beck uses all his movie magic tricks to become the ultimate villain for your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

I’m going to be upfront in this review, this statue is perfect, is magically magnificent and everything I’ve ever wanted in a Mysterio piece. So feel free to stop reading, ignore the pictures and just go out and by one.

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Designed by Caesar and sculpted by Alterton I am an awe of this wonderfully accurate comic book version of Mysterio. It has everything I love in a statue design. A detailed costume with eye catching colors, a unique aspect that only this character could inhabit, and the use of effects to highlight the character’s powers. Top to bottom it’s hard to find a flaw in this piece.

Starting with the dome Beck’s face isn’t completely visible but the effect on the doom gives the look of a clouded sphere with just a glimmer of his face poking through, it looks awesome and I can’t believe how well it was pulled off. The costume itself is ripped directly from the pages of Spider-Man, with arms stretched out towards you, Msyterio’s costume is given a full view as the purple cap billows behind him while the bright green checked pattern dominates his body. The detail even goes to the neon green gloves that include in intricate spiral design that really pops.

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As we move down towards the feet we are met with a plethora of neon green smoke and mist. It’s a great base for this character and uses his powers perfectly in the display. It looks as if he is emerging from a cloud of green and ready to do battle.

As I stated above, I just can’t find any flaws in this statue, its perfect. It uses the character design and his powers expertly to attract and hold your eyes. As you look closer the details begin to pop and the statue really comes to life. Any collector would be happy to add this to the shelf and Spider-Man fans this is beyond a must have. If fact if you’re still reading this please stop, drop everything and scour every comic book shop in your town until you find it.

Score: 10.0


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