Diamond Select The Red Death Statue (Review)

Jul 11, 2019


Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights Metal comic ushered in some of the coolest character designs in comics. One such design was for the Protect of Gotham, turned Dark Knight Speedster The Red Death.” From Earth -52 this former Batman went to the extreme to reclaim his city and in doing so merged himself with The Flash to become the monsterous master of the Speed Force The Red Death. Designed by Caesar and sculpted by Alterton, this 9 inch tall PVC diorama features The Red Death, sliding to a stop as the Batman empowered speed force swirls around him.

The demonic Bruce Wayne/Barry Allen super evil doppelganger is a terrifyingly stunning piece. Despite a few minor plays in the paint job over various parts of the statue, Diamond Select’s The Red Death is everything we Dark Nights Metal fans have been asking for. The powerfully dynamic pose and minimalist stand really allow the statue to be the star. We see the full face of the costume unhindered by his appendages and this is a costume design you want on full display. The medieval-inspired design allows for a truly badass interpretation of this new villain.  The various shades of read do become meddle in the darkness but under a good like the distinc array of reds really shines. The intricacies of the platted armor give this statue the extra dose of craftmanship that really sets this piece apart. With a price tage between $60 to $70 dollars Diamond Gallery gives you a diorama that looks like it costs much, much more.

If your looking for a unique, detailed and utterly badass statue to add to your collection, Diamond Select’s The Red Death offers all of these things at a price that is unbeatable. Flash fans, Batman fans, Dark Nights Metal fans, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to own one of the coolest creations in comics at Batman and the Flash come together to create a character that was meant for the mantle.


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