Diamond Select’s The Might Thor Diorama Review

Jun 20, 2019

A few days ago a heard a thunderous knock at the door. At first, I was startled by the enormous sound but as I looked through the peephole and saw a lonely Diamond Select box, I knew that boom could have only be made by one being. As I ripped open the box my suspensions were confirmed as The Might Thor wielding his might hammer starred back at me from the gleaming viewport of the familiar diamond select packaging.

Dawning his pre-Jason Aaron garb Thor is captured mi-strike as he uses Mjolnir to strike the ground and summon lightning. Standing 8-inches tall with a design by Caesar and sculpted by Mat Broulliand this one of the coolest Thor statues I’ve ever seen. Top to bottom it’s an eye-pleasing spectacle that perfectly encapsulates everything we love about the God of Thunder. With his teeth clenched, head bowed and using all of his might this dynamic pose offers a lot in the way presenting Thor as the powerful God he is. There is little not to love an out this diorama as the detail is off the charts. From the costume to the flowing cape and Mljonir featuring the important detail of including the famous enchantment, there is thing makes it almost impossible not to love.

While I want to call this statue perfection as it nails every aspect of the hammer-wielding Avenger but there are some minor flaws in the otherwise fabulous paint job that are keeping me from that. The immense detail is amazing though especially in the chainmail armor and cape which really enhances the incredible action pose. Unfortunately, these minor flaws are glaring as you get up close and even though overall the statue is a comic panel come to life, the small blemishes degrade the piece.

No matter what side you fall on in your comic fandom this is a diorama you want to get your hands on. One of the most striking Thor pieces I’ve seen, this tribute to Modern Thor is worth every penny. Under the right lighting, this can be the star of your showcase as the armor and lighting gleam with the power of a God.

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