Dinner and A Date in “The Punisher” #2 (Review)

Jun 7, 2016


PUnisher21The Punisher #2
Marvel Comics

Written by: Becky Cloonan
Art by: Steve Dillon


Frank was busy in this issue visiting a diner, and stopping a drug deal. He went up against the Face and the Feds have issued a warrant for his arrest. That’s the basics of what happened in this issue. As usual please just go read it, support the creators and a great character.PUN2016002-int2-5-5ad58

I’d like to start by saying Cloonan writes a strong Punisher but I think it’s too early to tell exactly where she’s going to take the character. Personally I like this issue being led more by dialogue and panels than monologue or narration. The art was great as well and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Steve Dillon. He’s a consistent artist and I think that’s incredibly important for the medium.

So on a whole I wasn’t as in love with this issue as I was the first one. That could be for a number of reasons but I really loved that first issue and not much could’ve topped it. Don’t get me wrong this was a strong follow up from what I believe to be a heavyweight team of creators. This new start for the Punisher has a lot of potential that I don’t think will be wasted. Go check out the issue and the series it’s well worth your time.

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