Director James Mangold Confirms ‘Logan’ Black & White Version Coming Back To Theaters

Apr 29, 2017

During filming for Logan, last year director James Mangold started to release photos from the film in black and white. Which lead many fans to wonder if the whole film would actually be released in black & white. While we got the native colored version; James Mangold went back and has actually been working on a Black & White cut of the film. The version of the film will be re-released in theaters May 16th for a limited run before debuting on DVD & Blu-Ray May 23rd. Unfortunately, the limited run will only be available in select theaters in the US only.

To give you an idea of what the film might look like. One of the first clips released from the film was released in  black & white also:

While many fans think all the director had to do was slap a greyscale layer onto the film and call it good. However, he went back to the film and color corrected the entire film shot-for-shot just for the release. Which he admits all came from the fans reactions to his promo photos. This follow in the footsetps of last years Mad Max: Fury Road re-released for it’s Black and Chrome edition.

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Logan: Black & White will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray this May

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