Director Lynne Ramsay Needs To Be Considered For ‘Black Widow’

Jan 13, 2018

Finally, it was revealed this week that Marvel Studios would be pursuing a solo Black Widow film with the hiring of Nasty Women screenwriter Jac Schaeffer.

There’s also talk that Scarlett Johansson will be meeting with Jac soon to talk about the film’s script and story, giving the impression that Scarlett has some creative say with the project. Rightly so, since she’s inhabited this character over seven films with multiple directors.

But who will end up directing it?

I find it’s a bit more helpful to suggest realistic names than someone who has publicly stated they’re not into the idea of directing superhero/fantasy films, like a Katheryn Bigelow (stated on HBO’s Real Time years ago).

Despite having been offered multiple comic book projects Bigelow has shown zero interest.

Personally, I’d like to see writer-director Lynne Ramsay given a call by Marvel.

Ramsay is known for her stunningly beautiful/creepy thrillers such as We Need To Talk About Kevin (starring two MCU alumni Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly) and the upcoming You Were Never Really Here (starring former Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner candidate Joaquin Phoenix). The tone of her films I think many agree would fit nicely into an action-packed and dark espionage film.

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We’ve seen Marvel take a look at indie and prestige directors more recently with Ryan Coogler on Black Panther, Taika Waititi on Thor: Ragnarok, and Ryan Fleck/Anna Boden for their upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

I’m sure many others will be suggested over the next couple of months but we think Lynne Ramsay could bring something really special to the project.

Black Widow doesn’t have a release date but it’s expected to drop sometime in 2020.

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