A Cult wants to sacrifice a Government Minister in “DIS – The Satan Machine #1” – REVIEW

Apr 24, 2015


DIS-Cover-1DIS - The Satan Machine (1 of 5)
Markosia Enterprises

Written by: Kevin Gunstone
Art by: JC Grande

From the creator and sharp mind of Kevin Gunstone. Who brought us the fighting Neanderthals in Future Primitive? This time we step back in time to across the pond in England circa 1970. Here we meet John Corvus an agent in DIS. DIS is short for Defense Intelligence Service. It is a British Government Agency based in the Tower of London that counters occult organizations, crime, and conspiracy theories. Imagine X Files with no Scully. Toss in a storyline that should be told in Constantine. All while thinking of Ian Fleming’s great character James Bond.

PrintAs we meet John he is entering a cemetery where a strange Cult has gathered. This cult is called Tempel Satanas. Tonight is the Rising of Arcturus on the occult calendar. So a human sacrifice is in order. That human just happens to be a high ranking British Government Minister named Ben Gill. Will John get there in time or will someone leave the cemetery as a headless corpse? That is for you to find out.

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This issue goes from cemeteries to weird bizarre house parties that will remind you of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. You will go into and see another side of England that you just didn’t know existed. This first issue is fascinating and very intriguing. I can’t wait to see what comes in the next issue.

The art in this comic is great. JC Grande did a great job in capturing the feel and essence of 1970’s England. In my mind I felt like I was walking on the cobblestones looking for 221B Baker Street.

If you are into conspiracy theories or bizarre rituals or just an all-round great comic then this is a must buy for you. Head on over to Comixology and support a great independent comic. For .99 cents it is a bargain. Here is the link!


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