Disney Is Open To R-Rated Marvel Movies – Highlight ‘Deadpool’ Sequels

Dec 14, 2017

During a call to investors about the massive $52.4 billion acquisition, Disney’s Bob Iger suggested (via Wall Street Journal) that R-rated Marvel movies could be an “opportunity” and highlighted plans to continue making Deadpool sequels. Stating that they’re open to this as long as audiences are made well aware of the ratings of these projects.

This debunks longstanding fan speculation that the studio planned on neutering the Deadpool franchise and killing any kind of R-rated films coming from Fox such as Deadpool 3 and X-Force films.

Could this mean that Gambit, Multiple Man, and James Mangold’s X-23 spinoff could be R-rated as well?

Ryan Reynolds posted this image on Twitter in the response to today’s news.


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