Oct 9, 2021



As Zara exclaims as she initiates the issues battle, “Hounds Hunt”. And based upon what readers witness in the second issue of Djinn Hunter, there is a lot of hunting for her to do. Blackbox’s new hit series amplifies the action while adding more depth to the already amazing Zara. This Magehound is out of the bottle. And the fate of the realms depends on her success.

Djinn Hunter # 2

Blackbox Comics

Writer: Jay Sandlin
Artist: Fabrizio Cosentino

The issue begins with Zara finding the source of destruction in the realm she has traveled to. As she prepares to do battle with warrior who made the “wish” Zara gives readers more understanding of the djinn mythology. Writer Jay Sandlin makes great use of this encounter to allow Zara’s thoughts to flow. By the end of this issue it seems Zara’s contempt for the council is about more than merely her imprisonment.

Based upon what we learn from Zara, mortals have very little control when dealing with a djinn. Far from being their “masters”, the standard presentation of the relationship, humans are at the whim of the djinn.

As for the battle, Fabrizio Cosentino’s art makes this realm reclaiming showdown absolutely stunning. On land, air and web each portion of this confrontation is astoundingly captured, as are each participant. Consentino’s hand brings the attitude Zara displayed in the first issue to this fierce fight. The spectral energy surrounding the warrior that Zara faces echoes the reality that the man has become a shadow of himself. He is less the guardian he lived his life to be and now merely a pawn of a manipulative djinn. You can’t help but feel a sense of loss and a great deal of sympathy for the shinobi warrior. He has already sacrificed so much with his somewhat self serving ambition. Now his only hope rests on whether Zara can slay Abyss’s minion and end his suffering.

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Readers will leave Issue # 2 experiencing a epic confrontation along with some engaging exploration of the djinn mythos. Zara’s narrative indicates how human’s casual commentary create an opportunity for the djinn. My review of issue # 1 indicated it was low in terms of action, something duly noted by Jay Sandlin. What seemed like a mere promise of more in issue # 2 can now be confirmed as both a wish heard and granted. In regards to Zara, Djijnn Hunter # 2 proves there is a lot of hunt in this Magehound. How long will she remain on the Council’s leash remains to be seen?

Score: 9.9

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