Doctor Who Bot on Skype REVIEW

May 3, 2017

What Doctor Who fan hasn’t wanted to run away with the Doctor, in the TARDIS, and assist him with saving the Universe? I know I have. And now, we have become one step closer to doing so, with an interactive bot on Skype called, well, “Doctor Who Bot,” but it’s really called “The Saviour of Time,” where we, a random human selected at random, must assist the Twelfth Doctor in finding all the scattered bits of the Key to Time.

If you are a fan of the Classic Era of the show, you will recognize the Key to Time, something the Fourth Doctor, along with Romana I and K-9 Mark II, traveled around time and space to find, by using a Tracer wand. Of course, they were duped into this by the Black Guardian, a nefarious being, and so the Doctor re-scattered the Key to Time once more, so that the Black Guardian couldn’t get his hands on it.

Now the Key to Time is needed once again, and it is up to you, to assist the Twelfth Doctor in collecting all the pieces scattered about our very own solar system.

Chapter One was a great exercise into what this story line has in store. We are treated to an introduction about the Key to Time voiced over by the Twelfth Doctor, and we converse back and forth, with the wit and charm we’ve come to love from the man. Alongside him are Nardole and Bill. They have yet to interact with us – maybe they never will – but it’s cool to know that we are alongside the two newest companions aboard the TARDIS.

I won’t spoil where the first fragment of the Key to Time is located, as while I can talk for days about this, I don’t want to ruin your own personal adventure. I will say one thing…the Doctor hadn’t asked my name, so he calls me Human. Your encounter may differ, as I have already seen people being called by their name. Pity. But being called simply “Human” by the Doctor, I’m sure, isn’t the worst thing he could call me.

Would I simply leave you in the dark without me playing Chapter One on Skype myself? Of course not! Would I play this and try to imitate the Twelfth Doctor’s accent? Yes! Do I sound like him? Absolutely not, hence why I chickened out half way through. Check out my playthrough below, and let me know what you think about this interactive adventure, and play it for yourself!


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