Don’t be Duped by M. Night Shyamalan’s Newest Movie “Split”

Aug 6, 2016



M. Night Shyamalan the director who brought us The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs is back behind the camera again. His new endeavor is Split which is a horror/thriller film. Forgive me if I don’t sound excited but he has really disappointed me lately. Do you remember The Visit, The Village, or perhaps The Happening? I hope not. If you do I am sorry. The dilemma I have is he gets you all excited with a great cast and an unbelievable trailer. Then he fails to deliver a satisfying movie from beginning to end. My words could not be more truthful.


Here we go again as James McAvoy (X-Men Days of Future Past) portrays a man called Kevin. A person with at least 23 different personalities. Kevin is compelled to abduct three teenage girls. They are held captive, until a final personality - “The Beast” - begins to materialize. Haley Lu Richardson also will star in this film who did an excellent job in an independent movie called The Last Survivors.


So with another great cast and a trailer that does spark my interest. Does my wallet tend to gravitate to his earlier works and place my behind in a theater. Or should I stay home and not be mislead once again by the great marketing team behind his movies.

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