‘Doom Patrol’ 1×08 “Danny Patrol” Review

Apr 5, 2019


After they are delivered a cake that has a map to a street that shouldn’t exist, Larry and Vic travel to Danny St. in Springfield, Ohio, where they meet a genderqueer, sentient street named Danny. Danny is being hunted by Darren Jones and the Bureau of Normalcy, the same group that tortured Larry in an attempt to rid him of anything abnormal. Meanwhile, Cliff and Rita go after Jane, who has now morphed into “Karen,” a psychotic housewife obsessed with making her significant other love her.

Danny the Street always felt like one of those characters that were far too ridiculous to see in live action, but lo and behold, ‘Doom Patrol’ made it work perfectly. Matt Bomer finally got some of the limelight and absolutely shined under it. His song and dance number is one of my favorite scenes in the show so far. Larry’s story seems to be close to coming to a head. Jane’s mind seems to be absolutely broken right now (more than usual, at least), and watching her break down has made for some intense viewing, but I’m excited to see where it leads when Cliff ventures into the Underground in the next episode. Jane and Rita’s relationship this episode was great considering they haven’t had too many interactions yet.  Robotman getting to be the voice of reason was a somewhat surprising development but it is one that worked well given the show seems to be told from his perspective.

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Episode eight of ‘Doom Patrol’ shows that there is no slowing down for this weird and wonderful show and I can’t wait for more.



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