Drew Goddard Writing And Directing THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN; Will IRON MAN Show-Up?

Mar 2, 2015


While we’ve been under the impression that Sony’s golden-kids Phil Lord and Chris Miller were going to be the top choices to write and direct Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man reboot it looks like they have other plans.

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Latino Review is reporting that Sinister Six‘s Drew Goddard is being tasked to write and direct the reboot which is being titled The Spectacular Spider-Man. Drew makes a lot of sense closely working with Joss Whedon on Cabin In The Woods and was originally planning on making the Daredevil series for Netflix.


Drew was already working on a Sinister Six for the Sony when the project was being rumored as a soft-reboot for the franchise and now it’s a complete reboot. The talk being that Peter Parker would be back in high school and the studios were eyeing younger actors for the role.


Speaking of actors, Latino Review also comments on the ridiculous post on Reddit claiming Dylan O’Brien is a lock for the lead. Stating, the hurtles of his age and already being attached to the Maze Runner franchise. I don’t say count him out but really use common sense when it comes to sources.

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Also, the talk for weeks has been they want a high school aged actor, I’m assuming 13-18 is their age-range, not actors in their 20’s. Again, never say never Marvel has proven they listen to fan suggestions but I also think they want to go into more of the direction of their current Spidey cartoon series.

Here are the plot points LR added. If true this could mean Robert Downey Jr. is joining the reboot and Iron Man could be that major Marvel character Sony will be allowed to use.

Key things to look for in the new series

  • No new origin story, Spidey exists from the beginning, taken as a given

  • New actor, probably an unknown, he will be specifically based in High School and they want him to be able to grow up into the role.  The thought being if this works, Spidey can do multiple trilogies for years ala Harry Potter.

  • A major part of the first film will involve Spider- Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the “audition” to join the Avengers

  • The first film will involved the Sinister Six coming together with the thought to later maybe spin them off.


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