Dungeons and Dragons: Brotherhood Without Banners Season 4 Episode 11

May 12, 2015


Dungeons and Dragons

Brotherhood without banners

Season 4 episode 11

“Ghost Stories”


Still in the town of Vendraile, the party searches for answers and details on how to stop Salazar. They know he placed his soul in some item that is dear to him. Thus the party investigates the old abandoned home of Salazar’s family.hh


After being told some story by a drunk in the tavern, the party doesn’t take it to serious as they miss some details and clues to where or what the soul of Salazar might be in. But what the party misses in this session will make things interesting later on.WP_20150306_21_52_34_Pro


And per usual, one of the party members *cough Davril cough*, gets impatient and just wants action. Rule #32 of D&D, don’t skip over the DM’s hard work of making a story, or else he will drop you amidst dozens of dragons…

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