Dwayne Johnson Reaffirms ‘Shazam’ is Set Within the DC Cinematic Universe

Feb 11, 2015


Late last year DC Comics announced their full slate of upcoming DC movies through 2020. One was Shazam co-starring Dwyane Johnson as the movies primary antagonist. But it was then revealed that New Line Cinema and not strictly WB would be producing the film together unlike the other DC films. The president of New Line Cinema went onto reveal that Shazam will be different from the other films because of the humor that can be in the film. It is a superhero movie with a boy stuck in an adult gods body after-all. This lead many to believe that maybe Shazam was in fact not within the already established DC Cinematic Universe with Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. Well, Dwayne Johnson recently spoke to Total Film about his role as Black Adam and reaffirms fans that he will one day face off against Superman and Batman:

“It was all agreed that the worlds are all interconnected. One day you will see Black Adam go at it with Superman or Batman or any of the DC characters. But that said, there’s a great independence to Black Adam from the DC world, allowing us to inject, not only viciousness, but also winking humour.”

He goes onto talk about how Black Adam was the first “Shazam” guardian and how he fell into his evil ways but can still be redeemed:

“I think Black Adam is going to grow into becoming an anti-hero. It’s all written within the spirit of respecting and paying homage to the comics. As we know, Black Adam started out as a slave. When he’s given the powers, he utilised them. Then in the wake of his powers, tragedy strikes, which turns his sentiment and tone in terms of psychology.”

The only real question is what actor can actually hold his own sand star in a movie opposite Dwayne Johnson.

Shazam hits April 2019

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