E-Win Gaming Chair Review

Jan 9, 2020


Gaming chairs are a challenge to shop for with confidence. At GWW, we have had the pleasure of receiving a computer gaming chair from E-Win Racing that we were able to test out and put through the paces, including assembly. Specifically, we received a chair from the EWinracing Champion Series.

Before we get too deep into this review, please note you may use code “gww30” to receive 30% off at E-Win.


Inside the box, you will find four core components that make up the chair, along with the wheels, lumbar and neck supports. The materials are of high quality, subjectively speaking, and E-Win also included grease to help with the process, which we did not find necessary. Assembly took roughly twenty minutes and then we were able to begin the real-world test as gamers.

Gaming Experience

This chair is both firm and highly-adjustable. In our testing, we found it to be most comfortable when playing with a keyboard and mouse, due to the arm/elbow rests and the lumbar and neck supports. This chair also has a slight bounce to it, which took a moment to get used to. When playing with a gaming controller, we felt a natural tendency to lean back into the chair, at which point that bounce would kick in. When playing the Nintendo Switch, however, the bounce was actually pretty great.

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The importance of lumbar and neck supports should not be overlooked. Some chairs include a lumbar support pillow that is not adjustable, unlike this chair where you can adjust the pillow vertically to find your sweet spot. The neck support is held together using a strap that can be removed if you do not like it.

Final Thoughts

Good chairs are $200, minimum. This Champion series chair is on sale for $285, at the time of writing, and you can also get 30% off right now if you use code GWW30. That makes this an incredible value!

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