EDITORIAL: Why Ben Affleck Stepping Away From Directing ‘The Batman’ Could Be A Good Thing

Jan 31, 2017


There have been a few rumblings over the last few weeks about Ben Affleck stepping down from directing “The Batman” solo film. But after Affleck appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and seemingly clearing up the speculation, you’d have thought that would have been the end of it.

But when it comes to the DC Extended Universe and the filmmakers, you knew there was going to be another twist in the tale.

Last night every DC fanboys worst fear came true as Variety broke the news that Affleck had stepped down from directing “The Batman“, leaving Warner Bros once again without a filmmaker for another one of their superhero films.

Reportedly both the studio and Affleck came to a mutual decision after talks on how best to make the film. The good new is he’s still sticking around to play the Caped Crusader and produce the movie.

It’s yet another setback for the DCEU, who could do with a break from the constant barrage of negative clickbait from blogs belittling Warner Bros shared superhero universe.

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Now like you I’m gutted about Affleck’s decision to step down from directing “The Batman“. But I believe it could actually be a blessing in disguise.

There’s enough pressure in one job for most people. But for Ben, he was going to pen the script, direct the superhero blockbuster as well as star, not only as Bruce Wayne but also as Batman. That’s an extreme amount of work, and we’re not even taking into consideration how hard it would be manoeuvring in the Batsuit whilst doing this.

It’s far too demanding for one man, we know he’s done it before for “Argo” and “The Town” — they films didn’t come with the added amount of pressure that comic book movies come with. Just look at how fed up Ben was getting with Batman questions when promoting “The Accountant” and “Live By Night“.

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You also need to think about his well-being, it’s unhealthy all that pressure and not directing “The Batman” has no doubt lifted a huge weight off his shoulders. With this happening, he’s now able to focus on giving us a performance cementing him as the definitive on-screen Batman.

Despite the setback, keep being positive as I believe we’re going to get the Batman film we all wanted in the long run.

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