Embrace The Devil’s Allure in “Lucifer #1” (Review)

Dec 16, 2015


Luci-Cv1-1663fLucifer #1
Vertigo Comics

Written by: Holly Black
Art by: Lee Garbett
Color by: Antonio Fabela

Fair warning, before reading this review you should know I am a huge fan of, and extremely fascinated by the idea of the Devil. Just as an example I named my childhood pet, an albino snake, Lucifer, and my final college term paper, was about satanic music (I got an A and presented it at a national communication conference. Just in case you were wondering). So as you read this review for Vertigo’s Lucifer #1, please know I have an unnatural urge to really enjoy this book.

Lucifer opens with a beautiful shot of our title character over looking his city. The narration introduces us to him in a cool but majestic manner. Its really how I feel about the whole book, summed up on the opening page. Holly Black is crafting a stylish, slick story with theological majesty sprinkled on every page. I really love the story Black is building. Lucifer has returned to the living world and taking residence in Los Angeles. While he appears in good spirits there is air of mystery that surrounds his return and his wounded state. In Heaven God has died and Gabriel is tasked with finding his killer in order to redeem his angelic status. What ensues is the set up to what looks to be a very fun and intriguing buddy cop story starring Heaven and Hell. LUCF-1-5-5c390

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Black has a lot to do in Lucifer #1 as she has to build the world, its plot, and introduce a ton of theological references with little room for back story or explanation. If you don’t know who is who, you are going to be lost. Luckily for the sake of this issue you really only need to know and follow Lucifer and Gabriel. The dialogue and narration is slowed by all the theology and can be a turn off but its a necessary requirement even the subject matter. Black is doing her best job juggling all of this information into so few pages and while you can get lost in the who’s, who, I think the outcome will be well worth the additional read through.

Lucifer’s art was especially pleasing as it is stylish, detailed, and full of just the right amount and use of color. Lee Garbett’s pencils use every panel to display the beauty of all our characters. Within Garbett’s pages everything is beautiful even when its ugly. The colors by Antonio Fabela add a cartoonish disposition within dark tones that sells the comic’s tone.

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Lucifer #1 is well worth the read especially in anticipation of the upcoming FOX television show.  It does have some pretty heavy theological dialogue than can hold you down, but once you soak it in, you will feel right at home. Its beautiful characters and dark orange and reds are welcoming, while its story hooks you slowly but surely.

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