Emily Blunt and Christopher McQuarrie Talk ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel

Sep 20, 2015


One of the more underrated action films from last year had to be Edge of Tomorrow, as the film was an interesting take on the studio sci-fi blockbuster. A lot of people have been extremely supportive of a sequel, once Tom Cruise started talking to press about his intentions to put one together. It’s co-star Emily Blunt and the screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie were recently asked to comment on their possible involvement and interest in the project, here’s what they had to say about it.

Speaking to Uproxx, writer Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Edge of Tomorrow, The Wolverine) confirmed that the Edge of Tomorrow sequel is indeed in the works, but would need a bunch of people saying yes to it first. Writer-director McQuarrie is also prepping Mission: Impossible 6, so finding the time is also a big question.

“It all comes down to Warner Bros. and Doug Liman and Emily Blunt saying yes. The idea is there. At worst, it’s the kernel of an idea – which is, on one hand, great, but on the other hand, I know what a nightmare that is. I know that I’ll be in the void trying to figure that out. And even then when it came out in the press after Tom had mentioned it, right away, there were people on social media saying, “Don’t do it, it should never have a sequel, etc., etc.” And I’m just laughing because I’m like, “You guys don’t even know what we are talking about! You have no idea!” Look, that was one of the best creative teams I’ve ever worked with as far as a team of rivals: Emily is one facet of that; Doug Liman is a completely different and opposing force; Tom Cruise is another. And there I am in the middle, just playing to these three really strong, really smart people.”

The outlet also went to Emily Blunt while she was promoting Sicario at TIFF, and got a brief comment from her as well about possible interest.

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“I would for sure! But the idea would have to be good; it would just have to be a great idea. I don’t want to dilute how great the first one is with a second one that’s not as good. I’m terrified of sequels, to be honest with you.”

Blunt also revealed to MTV that Tom Cruise sent her an email with the “seedling” of an idea, asking if she would be on board. The project is for moment referred to as a possible prequel. You might remember in the film that Blunt’s character Rita once had the power previously, but looses it after a blood transfusion.



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