Engaging Title: “Bitcoin Miner Reserves Plummet: Halving Impact and Market Turbulence”

Jun 24, 2024

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Bitcoin Miner Reserves Drop to 1.9M BTC – Impact of Fourth Halving Event


The revenue of Bitcoin miners has been significantly impacted by the fourth halving event in April 2024, leading to a massive liquidation that has pushed miner reserves to 1.9 million BTC – a level not seen in 14 years.


The revenue of Bitcoin miners took a hit due to the fourth halving event in April 2024, resulting in a substantial sell-off of over $2 billion worth of cryptocurrency in June. This marked the worst monthly sell-off of the year, as miners resorted to selling their holdings to cover operational costs post the latest Bitcoin Halving.

Main Points

  • The fourth halving event in April 2024 reduced block rewards, forcing many miners, especially those with fewer assets, to sell off their Bitcoin holdings to manage expenses.
  • The breakeven threshold for miners is around $80,000, but the current Bitcoin price is significantly lower, leading to massive sales by miners and whales alike.
  • Market volatility has surged with Bitcoin’s price dropping below $61,000, compounded by the German government’s sale of $3 billion worth of Bitcoin, and the ongoing repayment of $9 billion by Mt. Gox to creditors.
  • Despite the market turbulence, crypto expert Ali Martinez predicts a potential rebound, citing historical instances where oversold levels in Bitcoin’s daily RSI led to significant price increases.


While the cryptocurrency market faces uncertainty and volatility, the potential for a market rebound remains as highlighted by expert predictions. The impact of events like halving, massive liquidations, and regulatory actions continue to shape the landscape of Bitcoin mining and trading.