Engaging Title: “CoinStats Security Breach: Safeguarding User Funds Amid Investigation”

Jun 23, 2024

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CoinStats Security Breach Incident Summary

CoinStats Security Breach Incident Summary


CoinStats, the crypto portfolio app, has temporarily suspended its application due to a security breach affecting 1,590 wallets. The breach did not impact connected wallets or centralized exchanges. CoinStats is investigating a scam notification received by some iOS and Android users.


CoinStats recently experienced a security incident leading to the temporary shutdown of its app. The breach affected a small percentage of wallets and raised concerns about the protection of private keys and wallet generation processes within the app.

Main Points

The security breach at CoinStats compromised 1,590 wallets, representing 1.3% of all CoinStats Wallets. The company confirmed that connected wallets and centralized exchanges were not impacted by the breach. Users were targeted with a fraudulent notification promoting a fake 14.2 ETH reward, leading to concerns about the safety of user funds.

While the exact cause of the attack has not been disclosed, speculation suggests potential vulnerabilities in the wallet generation process and server security. CoinStats is actively investigating the extent of the compromise and working towards restoring the app’s functionality.


CoinStats is diligently addressing the security breach and providing updates to affected users. The company’s prompt response to the incident reflects its commitment to safeguarding user funds. As the investigation progresses, users are advised to remain cautious of potential threats and ensure the security of their crypto assets.